Healing met Dayu 2019

10/08/2019 @ 09:00 – 11:30
de Pelmolen
Rijksstraatweg 154
6573 DG Beek-Ubbergen
25 euro per persoon voor deze workshop



Originally from KlungKlung, East Bali, Dayu comes from an old Balinese family of well-known Hindu High-Priests and Healers. As far back as she can remember, Dayu has had a deep spiritual yearning.

Since early childhood, she’s studied and practiced (on a daily basis) meditation and yoga, which she now shares with others at Pantai Mas – The Spiritual Abode in North Bali.

For Dayu, spirituality is not “floating in the sky”, following strict practices or retreating from daily life and society. In it’s purest form, spirituality is a path of the heart. A deep personal experience of purification, transformation and the realization that we are part of The Divine. Dayu’s approach to spirituality is in harmony with human nature.

A practicalapproach to loosen the ties that bind and condition us. Becoming more conscious and attaining the ideal as “a fully-realized human being” and ultimately merging into o The Divine. Spirituality, as lived by Dayu, is a modest life of compassion and service.A life that’s sensitive to the needs of others, that’s open, accessible and engaged while still living within society.

Practical and Mystical. Human and HolyA. Society and Spirituality. All go hand in hand.

Wil je met haar kennismaken en haar overdracht van meditatieve yoga ontdekken, wees dan welkom in de Pelmolen op vrijdagavond 9 augustus of zaterdagochtend 10 augustus.

Aanmelding graag bij Annelies, via annetheelen@hotmail.com of 06-30029927. En let op: als je interesse hebt in een persoonlijke sessie met de runen op de wervelkolom of een waterreiniging met bloemen, healing van Dayu en Annelies, neem dan vooral even contact op met Annelies!

Dayu als “the ambassador of the heart” bij de Kiva ceremonie: